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Welcome to my Via Von blog!

It seems rather egotistical to think anyone would care to hear/read what I would have to say … but I thought this might be a fun vehicle to share my painting adventures, current work in progress (WIP) and life events which oftentimes impact.

A quick bit of history here. I predominately use Genesis Heat Set Oils and occasionally dip into my Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics. Genesis offers me superb control as well as all the amazing virtues of traditional oil mediums. Genesis allows me to walk away for extended periods of time when health issues become a concern, and come back to a ready-to-rewhip-and-go palette no matter how long I’ve been away! The Liquitex is such a lovely, pudding-like acrylic that offers a lengthy open working time and smooth blendability which is so like oils. What’s not to love about that in an acrylic?!

So, lets get started here with the work just finished and the new one in progress, shall we?

“The Pout” (at right) was based on a photo offering of Barbara Tester at the  Paint My Photo (PMP) website. I absolutely loved the photo and although I had only  ever tried one previous portrait (not very successfully, might I add!) but I simply could not resist giving it a try.

I doubt I shall ever try another portrait … the nightmares in this one were quite sufficient! lol   But the lessions learned were truly awesome and I do  not regret this adventure even the least.

Honestly, I’m rather pleased with the results considering my skill level isn’t really adequate for portraiture painting.

“The Cafe” (at right) is my present WIP painting.

This is another  photo offering from PMP, via Ruth Archer and is based on a Greek cafe, if I recall correctly.

I loved the rough stone and tile walls which backdrop the bright colorful  pots.  Those pots will eventually have flowers in them.

–> work in progress <–   remember!  😀

So this concludes the first of my chatterbits.  🙂

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Bye for now!