Time Flies !

I can’t believe its been so many months since my last update!  Time flies when you’re having fun … and as we have all learned … even when you’re not having fun.  Luckily, mine has been mostly fun!   🙂

Summer came early to our area and with it the same hot weather most of you have endured as well.  😦  My deepest sympathies for those without central or unit a/c’s in their homes.   Fortunately, we have it and I can paint in comfort!

I did get the Greek Cafe finished!  Had a wonderful bit of fun with it, on top of learning a lot in the process.  The sun dappling effect on the cobbled stone step was so challenging!     I won’t tell you how many scrapings and sandings and do-overs it got!  O.o

I’ve done “The Seashell” since then as well.  Another photo offering by Ruth Archer at my favourite Paint My Photo’s place.  🙂

I’m now working on several pieces for a grandbabygirl due in October.  We’re so excited as this is the first granddaughter amongs all these grandsons of ours!  My son Bryan, and daughter-in-law, Angie have chosen the Jacana baby bedding them for baby’s bedroom so I’m adapting pieces to coordinate with that.  Of course I’ll share pictures when completed!

I’m also sneaking in Christmas gifts paintings which I will not be able to share until after Christmas.  I like keeping gift giving a surprise for everyone.  🙂   Some are done in acrylic and some are done in my lovely Genesis.  I still struggle so with the acrylic but the surfaces of one of the massive projects cannot handle the heat-setting … alas.  lol

As our Summer is slowly catching up with Fall, we’re seeing cooler temps now and again and a few more days of rain than we’ve seen the whole of summer.  The moisture is so welcome – as is the relief from the incessive heat. 😀

And what’s on your painting table and easel?


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